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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 1.6.0 OMiSCID Java Library (Java 5.0)

Release Notes
This release is the occasion to migrate to the maven build system (OMiSCID is exposed at http://www-prima.imag.fr/maven)
This is also a major bug fix and performance improvement release.

Reminder: Since OMiSCID 1.5.1, Java 5.0 users still need to download a JAXB implementation in addition to the Omiscid release. (see documentation page on the website)

Change Log
        fix:  some unclosed threads with quite classical services
        fix:  service.xml reader ignoring some information due to JAXB and CastorXML difference in XSD handling
        fix:  bad handling of absent udp port or missing peers in received remote service description
        fix:  problem with ServiceProxy#getVariableType() returning null for a remote non-Java service
        fix:  problem with missing descriptions (connector description, variable description and type) requiring updateDescription
        fix:  (API) Service#getVariableAccessType now returns VariableAccessType instead of string
        impr: removed delay on service stop() that was introduced a long time a go o help oscar bundle reload
        impr: omiscid is available using maven2 (currently in the repository: http://www-prima.imag.fr/maven)
        impr: dnssd server/proxy now fully operational (useful on networks where multicast is filtered)
        impr: (internal) added a class to expose some internal (possible future-API) details used for instance in the GUI
        impr: added higher verbosity for the automatic selection DNSSD implementation (by setting environment variable to DEBUG)