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Project Filelist for OMiSCID

File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 1.6.0 (Mac OSX, Linux, Windows 32 bits)

Change Log

[Global modifications] - All tests and package constructions are made in virtual debian clean installation - add support for 64 bits packages - change Event on Linux. Now work as on Windows in statefull mode - remove all reference (internal API, data and external XSD) to formatDescription (not use anymore) - put TemporaryMemoryBuffer into separate files (TemporaryMemoryBuffer.h and .cpp). You can always include Portage.h to include them. - add ability for TemporaryMemoryBuffer to grow and to be empty. - add memory integrity checker facilities when tracking memory leaks (when CHECK_MEMORY_BOUNDARIES is also defined) to check if someone *wrote* out of its memory. - change VariableAttribute working paradigme. Do not use anymore MutexedSimpleList as list and as mutex. Now, use a normal SimpleList and a Mutex. - Put MutexedSimpleList in a separate file : must not impact usual users who includes 'UserFriendlyAPI.h'. - correct managing list of owners in debug mode for ReentrantMutex. - Add an empty line between sections in this CHANGE file. [Bug corrections] - add body to ServiceProxy::GetServiceAccessType. - correct memory leak problem when memory leak tracker is on and nobody is tacking memory leak (sic). - correct core dump problem when modifying localy and remotely the same variable - correct deadlock problem when (massively) multithreading access to ControlSever/ControlClient [API] - MultipleReferencedData now works subclassing ReentrantMutex and not with an simple AtomicCounter anymore. We also add Internal (inline) protected method to manipulate data without locking in order to prevent multiple call to expensive system calls. - Use MutexedSimpleList as return values for several functions in ControlClient and ServiceProxy. User must used lock facilities on these returned objects when using it from several threads at the same time. - start to add CopyConstructor for every class. - Remove body of Display* functions in non debug mode for class ControlClient (they are inline empty functions in non debug mode). - correct name of GetVariableAccessType (was GetServiceAccessTypeType in Service and ServiceProxy classes). - Change Service::GetVariableAccessType to return, as its version in ServiceProxy::GetVariableAccessType an enum (no longer the représentation string). [Documentation] - no more documentation since previous release.