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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 1.5.0 OMiSCID Java Library (Java 5.0)

Release Notes
Warning: Java 5.0 users need to download a JAXB implementation in addition to the Omiscid release. (see documentation page on the website)

Replaced castor-xml dependency by JAXB that is both faster and included in the jre since Java 6.

Some fixes come with this change to JAXB (see change log).
Change Log
        fix:  trying to send message (or reply message) through a input connector now properly throws an exception
        fix:  service disapparitions were properly notified but browsing with a new service repository caused disappeared services to be reported as present
        fix:  some corner case problems with connection notifications and early message sending that appeared with the removal of castor-xml
        fix: connector listeners now receive "connected" notifications even when connections are initiated locally (this behavior may be subject to discussion, please contact us in case you'd rather have the opposite to happen)
        impr: convert to JAXB. Omiscid was using castor-xml for its xml communication but it now uses jaxb which is included in Java 6.0 and only requires 2 jars (900k) with java 5.0. JAXB is also faster than castor-xml when used within omiscid
        impr: preferred dnssd factory can now be set programatically (this is important in some rare cases)