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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 1.5.0 (Mac OSX, Linux, Windows 32 bits)

Release Notes
Current stable version (1.5.0)
Change Log
    [Global modifications]
    - add support for some environment variable to be compliant with the
    java version : OMISCID_DNSSD_FACTORY (message indicating that this
    choice is supported only at compile time for the C++ version) and
    OMISCID_DNSSD_FACTORY_VERBOSE_MODE (print if Bonjour or Avahi is used).
    - in order to be coherent, now when compiling with omiscid, your
    project will be in debug (-DDEBUG) mode also under Linux/MacOS.
    - remove all "typedef enum" to be gcc 4.3 compliant.
    [Bug corrections]
    - prevent sending data before the init config exchange was completed
    between connectors.
    - correct signal handling in Socket::select on linux (prevent signal
    problems using ::select function).
    [Scons changes]
    - change from env.Copy() (deprecated) to env.Clone() in SConstruct.
    [Version number]
    - change package middle number to be compliant with the java version.