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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 1.4.0 OMiSCID Java Library (Java 5.0)

Release Notes
Many fixes and improvements including API addition.

Note that it contains an API modification made necessary by a former typo (Repositoy instead of Repository in ServiceFactory).

See changelog for details.
Change Log
        fix:  a connector listener can now properly remove itself (stop listening) without throwing a concurrent modification exception
        fix:  problem in some cases when using removeAllConnectorListeners, some listeners might keep listening
        fix:  some LocalVariableListener received isValid calls for variables they were not registered to
        fix:  (API) createServiceRepository was improperly spelled (createServiceRepositoy) in ServiceFactory
        fix:  problem with netbeans when release contains castor generated .java files (these .java are not included any more)
        fix:  problem with connector and variable names containing non letter characters
        fix:  it is now impossible to add variables and connectors having problematic names (duplicate names, reserved ones, ...)
        impr: services default variables (owner, peerId, ...) now have same descriptions as in C++ implementation
        impr: now using JiveDNS in place of JmDNS (JiveDNS is a fork of JmDNS incorporating submitted patches and bug fixes)
        fix:  (jmdns) application refusing to shut down (was caused by jmdns) but still happens in certain cases (bug submitted to jivedns)
        fix:  (jmdns) some services were not unregistered when quitting applications with System.exit
        fix:  (avahi) problem with null pointer exception thrown in some cases when registration failed
        impr: named threads to ease debugging
        impr: (API) added access to variable description and type, and connector description throught ServiceProxy interface
        impr: (API) can now specify a service filter when adding a listener to a service repository
        impr: (API) can now specify preferred service connector port and ask for connection to a remote host+port pair
        impr: (API) added Service#getConnectorClientCount that can be used to avoid heavy processing when no clients are connected
        impr: (API) can now optionally avoid validation phase (calls to LocalVariableListener#isValid) when setting variable value from a Service object