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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 1.4.0 (Mac OSX, Linux, Windows 32 bits)

Release Notes
Current stable version (1.4.0)
Change Log
    [Global modifications]
    - change remote access rigth to the "Lock" variable in order to be compliant
      with the Java version.
    - add defines in the Examples in order to compile them
      in only one main test (toi check code with insure and get back
      code coverage value).
    - for the same reason, change Accumulator example source code and
      add some new files in Examples.
    - uninitialized SimpleStrings are now considered as empty by default.
    - in System Layer, Config.h and .cpp become ConfigSystem.h and .cpp.
      Identically for the Com and ServiceControlLayer
    - SimpleString is totally rebuilt to be more secure. With less
      Mutex acces, it runs also faster.
    - remove last StartThread() in constructors. As Run() is virtual and
      virtual table is not safe *before* the end of constructor, one
      *MUST NOT* call StartThread() in Thread or subclass constructor
      as we do now. Refactor Examples to be compliant with this rule.
    - remove validation/noitification when changing variable value for
      the same value. Now we only notify real change of value.
    - to allow integration in interpreted language (like python but
      not only) we do not try enymore to cope with memory management
      of ServiceFilter instances. We do not call anymore Duplicate
      inside OMiSCID even if we think this method must be implemented
      so it stay abstact. Now to release ServiceFilter, you must
      call Empty(). Destroy the object will not delete included filters :
      one may want to reuse its filters for anoither research.
    - Add ability to connect to undiscovered services connectors
      (using hostname and port) in order to facilitate communications
      on non local area network.
    - Add a port number parameter to AddConnector function in order
      to decide on which port we want to run it. Usefull to work
      with previous adding. This parameter is not mandatory.
    - Add filtering facilities when registering listener
      to a ServiceRepository. It inproves service event
      notification by filtering.
    - Add access to Variable Type and description, to Connector
      description in ServiceProxy
    - Add the ability to skip validation phase when changing a variable
      value localy.
    - You can now get the number of connected clients to one connector
      using Service::GetConnectorClientCount
    - Remove autostart from BrowseForDNSSDService constructor (virtual
      members problems).
    [Known features]
    - pthread_* functions seems to be incorrect (or pthread.h is now incorrect)
      and thus, pthread_create for exemple overite extra memory (2 weeks of debugging
      thinking it is our fault). Under non Windows plateforms, add before and
      after data for pthread_* functions, one unsigned int to prevent memory
      corruption. Everything works fine now.
    [Bug corrections]
    - Correct memory leak when trying to add a connector after starting
      the service.
    - Correct connection failure (due to bad implementation of MsgSocket::WaitSyncLinkMsg)
    - correct lost (some times) of the first sent paquet over TCP.
    - correct static object paradigm to prevent bad initialization.
      Now, the subsystem is not longer started before main. It is started
      at first factory call.
    - correct linking problems on Linux/MacOS
    - correct memory leaks
    - some other minor bug corrections