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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 1.3.0 OMiSCID Java Library and GUI (Java 5.0)

Release Notes
Added API for disconnection.

Fixed some limit-case problems (see change log for details).

Added a deprecation message at the startup of the GUI. See http://omiscid.gforge.inria.fr/documentation.html#a-5  for the new one.
Change Log
        fix:  problem of wrong peerId passed to connector listeners when the client is a non-started service and has multiple connectors connected to a same connector
        fix:  no exception was thrown when adding too many connectors (more than 255) (see associated API impr below)
        fix:  querying variable value while having subscribe to its modifications was causing unnecessary remote variable listener notifications
        impr: (API) added closeConnection, closeAllConnections and removeAllConnectorListeners method to the Service interface
        impr: (API) added a ConnectorLimitReached runtime exception on Service#addConnector that is thrown when too many connectors are added to a service
        impr: on the model of removing the possible trailing "-2" on the hostname, all "-" followed by a one or two digit number is removed if needed
        impr: was using 100% cpu when waiting to connectTo (or when trying to connect to connector of buggous/nasty service)