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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 1.2.0 (Mac OSX, Linux, Windows 32 bits)

Release Notes

[Global modifications] - change stuff in order to be actually able to install several instances of Omiscid on the same computer. - add automatic test processing (compilation with many combination of parameters). As Avahi is not stable for our test suite (see [Known features]), failed test using avahi are not considered as relevant. [API] - change API in Service and ServiceProxy class. Now you have the same API to get the PeerIf for both classes: GetPeerId() in order to get numerical value of the peerId and GetPeerIdAsString() to get a SimpleString containing its string representation. - add 2 static member methods to ComTools: PeerIdFromString and PeerIdAsString to handle peerId transformation. - change java callback paradigm for local variable listeners to be compliant with the C++ version (do not affect your C++ code). [Known features] - still crash (segmentation fault, corrupted double chained list in glibc, problem in D-BUS) when using Avahi to (un)register many services in the same process (even with Avahi 0.6.19). No longer trying to cope with this features. Let's Avahi team solve this. - Avahi and mDns can now collaborate on the same computer. mDns works fine and Avahi do not work worst. - You can have up to 9 DnsSD daemon at the same time (sic...). Be carrefull, when using hibernate functionnality under linux, some time the DnsSd daemon can generate at each wake up a false new instance and a new daemon number. If this number goes over 9, you may encounter problems.