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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 1.2.0 OMiSCID Java Library and GUI (Java 5.0)

Release Notes
This release fixes bugs about service variable manipulations.

WARNING: this release fixes some API difference on variable listener, look at http://gforge.inria.fr/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=3271&group_id=363&atid=1523 for details about what code is impacted.

This release improves performances by limiting inter-service queries to the minimum needed.
Change Log
        fix:  (API) (WARNING) fixing bug #3271 from gforge causes programs using LocalVariableListener#isValid to compile but with changed semantic (second parameter is now the variable name, not the variable current value anymore; current value being accessible using Service#getVariableValue)
        fix:  (API) added missing variable names on Local and Remote VariableListeners
        fix:  problem with avahi and big txt records (services with many variables)
        fix:  problem with jmdns and big txt records (services with many variables)
        fix:  can now safely listen to one variable multiple times with proper notification (was sending multiple notifications to each listener)
        fix:  removed interferences between variable modifications and variable consultation causing multiple notifications of some variable modifications
        fix:  problem with readdition of remote variable change listeners
        fix:  peerId was not shown in variables given by ServiceProxy#getVariables
        impr: (API) minor changes providing Service and ServiceProxy with both getPeerId and getPeerIdAsString methods
        impr: now queries complete service description only when needed (was basically asking to every service)
        impr: it is now possible for RemoteVariableChangeListener to unsubscribe itself when it is called back
        fix:  (gui) in case of subscription to remote variable changes, gui was not handling properly empty new value (it now does)