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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 1.1.0 (Mac OSX, Linux, Windows 32 bits)

Release Notes

Add new APIs and avahi support (see CHANGES). Correct some bugs.

Change Log

[Global modifications] - change this file grouping changes by section. - add Avahi support for DNS-SD (with Avahi 0.6.17) - Default choice is still mDNS under Linux/MacOSX (see known features to understand why). Add an option for scons to override this automatic choice. (zeroconf=avahi) - enable automatically DnsSdProxy when using ServiceControl Layer (due to Avahi limitation) - internal refactoring dues to Avahi stuff (sic...). No changes in exposed API. - Change examples codes, add new one. [API modification] - change Thread constructor behaviour because of virtualisation problem with gcc. You can not anymore create an autostart Thread. You must start it in you inherited class as shown previously in 'Examples/RegisterSearchTest.cpp'. - check init constraints to static global values, so replace global values like DynamicNameSolving by a method call like GetDynamicNameSolving(). - add SharedMemSegment class in the System layer in order to propose multiplateform shared memory management - add UserFriendly API in order to provide browsing fonctionnality ServiceRepository and ServiceRepositoryBrowser. Add an example showing this functionality : BrowsingTest.cpp. [Bug corrections] - Change Event::Wait() bug when asking for subsecond timers under Linux/OSX - correct huge data send problem when sending to all clients - some other minor bug corrections [Known features] - Crash (segmentation fault, corrupted double chained list in glibc, problem in D-BUS) when using Avahi to (un)register many services in the same process. Still trying to cope with this feature but it seems to be internal to Avahi. - Avahi and mDns do not like to collaborate on the same computer. Even if in this version OMiSCID can handle service with multiple local DNS-SD daemons, try to avoid this feature mixing both on the same computer. Running Avahi and mDNS on separate computer seems to word fine.