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Project Filelist for MPTK: The Matching Pursuit ToolKit

File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: Version 0.4beta.1

Release Notes

THIS IS NOT A BUGFIX RELEASE. It just brings general improvements. The most important one in this release is the management of the endianness problem. Now, binary books can be exchanged between PCs and Macs. We apologize for the erratic release identifiers and the quick release rate. At the present development phase, we try to integrate and release as fast as possible any feedback from our beta testers.

Change Log

- Fixed the endianness problem: now every binary output is forced to LITTLE_ENDIAN format to allow exchange, e.g., of books between PCs and Macs. - Added a bare-bones runtime check to the build system (try "make check") - General building system improvements (e.g., gathered all the individual system.h files into one general mp_system.h at top_srcdir)