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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 1.2.4

Release Notes
Bug corrections :
Bug #15605 solved (segfault on very specific read), on both strands
Bug #15630 corrected: range in the BWT was not properly initialized with revcomp
FM-Index: Bug solved with genome length multiple of 64.
Update headers for paired-end-chimera crac homemade file.
Correct several bugs in CRAC emt :
Fix multi-threading
Added FASTA support
CRAC is now using gkArrays 2.0.3
New algorithm for chimera validation using paired-end reads.
We had miss some cases in the process of validating chimera junctions with paired-end reads.
Add unit tests in CRAC :
Every bug solved is now included as a unit test to avoid regression.
Add XR field in SAM output for information relative to the read (p_loc and p_support are now under the XR field
This changes were made by Jérôme Audoux, Nicolas Philippe and Mikaël Salson (in alphabetical order).