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Project Filelist for CRAC

File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 1.2.3

Release Notes
Bugs correction:
- Correct --all argument. No paired-end-chimera is created if we are not using paired-end reads
- Correct Deletion position was indicated one position before where it should be
- Correct the k-mer verification test in stringent-chimera. The test to determine if the kmer used for verification wasn't in a break was based on support profile instead of location profile
- Bug #15605 corrected (segmentation fault in FM-index, when a range was at the top of the BWT, but then becomes empty)

- CRAC (unit tests): Files .should_get describe what we are checking.
- CRAC (unit tests): Add unit tests to check that former bugs won't come back
- A description line starts with a $ while a comment starts with #. Empty lines are ignored. Other lines are considered
as regexps that have to be matched
- CRAC (scripts): In fact the genome operation does not allow not to provide a chromosome name. Corrected so that we do not let people think the opposite
- SupportBreak: Add a test to avoid updating locations if not needed and add some free conditions
- Use version 2.0.2 of Gk-arrays