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Release Name: 0.64

Release Notes
version 0.64, Feb 16, 2011

  o configure: if possible, use ocamlfind to find lablgtk2 and sqlite3
  o algebraic types: must be well-founded, non-positive constructors
    are forbidden, recursive functions and predicates must
    structurally terminate
  o syntax: /\ renamed into && and \/ into ||
  o accept lowercase names for axioms, lemmas, goals, and cases in
    inductive predicates
  o labels in terms and formulas are not printed by default. 
  o transformation split-goal does not split under disjunction anymore
  o fixed --enable-local
  o why.conf is no more looked for in the current directory; use -C or
    WHY3CONFIG instead
  o why.conf: when changed, a backup up copy is made in why.conf.bak
  o why.conf now contains a magic number; configuration must be
    rebuilt with why3config if the magic number has changed
  o why3config: --autodetect-provers renamed to --detect-provers
                --autodetect-plugins renamed to --detect-plugins
     new option --detect to perform both detections
  o why3config: --conf_file is replaced by -C and --config
  o TPTP: encoding by explicit polymorphism is not anymore the
    default encoding for TPTP provers. It is now forbidden to use this
    encoding in presence of finite types.
  o IDE: source file names are stored in database with paths relative
    to the database, so that databases are now easier to move from a
    machine to another (e.g when they are stored in source control
  o better Gappa output: support for sqrt, for negative constants