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Release Name: 0.9.0

Release Notes
knem 0.9.0 (June 14th 2010, svn r465)

* Wait for deferred callbacks to be done before unloading the module,
  otherwise the kernel may oops if some processes did not cleanup their
  resources yet.
* Remove unneeded locking around idr_for_each.
* Install a udev rule file in ${prefix}/etc/10-knem.rules so as to
  make /dev/knem group 'rdma' by default.
* Add a knem_local_install script to install the module and udev rules in
  the standard directories so that modprobe finds the module and udev setups
  the device group automatically.
* Add a RPM spec file to ease packaging through rpmbuild -tb <tarball>.
* Document the installation process.