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Release Name: 0.7.901

Release Notes
knem 0.7.901 (February 1st 2010, svn r356)
The scalable release.

* Use RCU locks to optimize the lookup of the target process and of regions
  (when the SINGLEUSE flag isn't set).
* Improve scalability with the number of regions by storing them in a hash
  table instead of a single list.
* Fix the status_test user program on 32bit architectures.
* Fix make check to not try to bind processes on non-existing cores on
  machines with only 1 or 2 cores.
* Fix some debug messages in the driver.
* Do not ignore the DMA copy flag when DMA is disabled totally in the kernel,
  just don't try to use DMA (as if there was no DMA channel available).
* No need to setup the DMA cleanup timer if not using DMA.
* List currently open knem instances and regions when reading /dev/knem
  when verbose statistics are enabled.
* Properly handle potential buffer overflow when reading /dev/knem.
* Cleanup the management of KCC and KARCH when configuring the kernel build.