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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: PaStiX 5.2.2 (freestyle)

Change Log
Revision edcb9ab : tarball for Homebrew.
BUGFIX 1 - Revision edcb9ab : Fixes on makefiles an murge.
BUGFIX 2 - Revision ea0de28 : Missing murge directory added.
BUGFIX 3 - Revision 6eafa91 : MPI_UINT64_T does not exists on all MPI distributions.
BUGFIX 5 - Revision 73f4ed7 : bugfix5 FIX schur + MULT_RHS and gN computation in DISTRIBUTED
BUGFIX 6 - Revision 10cf0e2 : Fix MURGE_SetRHS when MURGE_ASSEMBLY_FOOL and MURGE_GetLocalNodeList not called.
BUGFIX 7 - Revision e741af1 : FIXes MURGE_GetSolution() and MURGE_Clean()
BUGFIX 9 - FIX in murge
BUGFIX 10 - Restart murge after MURGE_Clean() has been called - murge : -DLONG becomes -DINTSIZELONG, COMPLEX header macro update, retrait du .gitignore - FIX FORCE_NOSMP	+ OpenMP in murge example - Add BUGFIX version number : PASTIX_BUGFIX_VERSION
              - prefix some functions common with scotch
              - Add stdio.h in cpp examples
              - Disable optimization in pastix_checkMatrix_int with intel compiler
              - Side effect with empty distributed matrix
              - Fix murge build with FORCE_NOSMP
              - Apply Serban's fix on PETSc driver
              - Undeclared variable with MEMORY_USAGE in murge Misplaced end bracket with some defines combination Fix dynamic scheduling loop Makefile fixes Some example were not using user's RHS => change API_RHS_1 in API_RHS_B protect some enums in murge Read topology only once with HWLOC