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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: PaStiX 5.2.1 (worldwar2)

Release Notes
Revision 3971 : Compatibility with (PT-)Scotch 6.0 release.
   WARNING : To use PT-scotch 6.0 one also needs to add -lscotch after -lptscotch in config.in
Revision 3984 : BUGFIX Funneled was not working.
Revision 3999 : BUGFIX memory leak in pastix_checkMatrix()
   Fixed memory leak while symmetrizing a non symmetric matrix. Thanks to Frank Everdij.
Revision 4030 : Reverted scotch strategy to consume less memory. (+Added Version flags : PASTIX_MAJOR_VERSION, PASTIX_MEDIUM_VERSION, PASTIX_MINOR_VERSION)
Revision 4459 : Some error fixes while porting to homebrew
Revision 4492 : Missing stdint.h inclusion
Change Log
- Improved C++ interface with some examples.
- THREAD_MULTIPLE/THREAD_COMM now available via a parameter.
- Solves the transposed problem.
- Compatibility with incoming (PT-)Scotch 6.0.
- StarPU support for the solve step (CPU only, beta feature).
- MURGE: Possibility to set sequences of entries.
- BUG FIXED : - Hermitian solve with MPI.
                      - Memory leak with PASTIX_DYNSCHED
                      - Conjugate Gradient now working with Hermitian matrix.
                      - Fortran interface compatible with INTEGER KIND.
                      - Distributed Multiple RHS.
	              - IPARM_CSCD_CORRECT behaviour.
		      - Shared library build on MacOS.