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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: PaStiX 5.2 (ambiorix)

Release Notes
Revision 3725: Major LLT LDLT Bug Fix
   Factorization was done in LLt (resp. LDLt) instead of LDLt (resp. LLt) when separated from solve.
   + added some missing functions declarations.

Revision 3564: Major Bug fix
   Memory leak, clean never called (does no affect distributed interface and murge interface)
   Minor fix : llvm compilation bug workaround
Change Log
- Enable NUMA_ALLOC by default
- Improve "multithreaded" subtrees (advices from Yves Robert)
- First StarPU version -DWITH_STARPU
- Add -DFORCE_NO_CUDA to build PaStiX with StarPU but without CUDA
- Add CPU sparse_gemm kernel
- Fix memory leaks with StarPU
- Set default StarPU scheduler to HEFT
- Add multiple-right-handsides example
- Add LDLH (hermitian matrix)
- Check solution in examples
- Print solution if verbose >= 6
- ESP option is now available for LDLt factorization
- Changes to integrate EZTRACE
- Add functions to unscale SolverMatrix and CscMatrix (usefull for HIPS)
- Add MPI4PY environment
- Add README to use PaStiX with PETSc
- Add PETSc binary matrix driver
- Fix step-by-step example with RHS set to NULL in factorization step 
- Add IPARM parameter to disable refinement step with MURGE
- Disable MURGE_THREADSAFE by default (enable with -DMURGE_THREADSAFE)
- Add Matrix/Vector Product with MURGE
- Add some new timers with -DMURGE_TIME
- Fix CG initial guess with MULT_SMX_RAFF
- Add random initialization for SCOTCH
- Fix SCOTCH 6.0
- Fix ESSL on AIX
- Add IPARM_AUTOSPLIT_COMM option to split communicator automatically
- Add SHM Barrier optional (-DWITH_SHM_BARRIER) to put to sleep unused MPI processes when IPARM_AUTOSPLIT_COMM is enable 
(due to polling mode in some MPI_Barrier implementations)
- Update refcard (thanks to Edmund Howard) + NaturalDocs documentation
- Some other bug fixes...