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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: PaStiX 5.1.4 (great bear)

Change Log
- Improve Schur functionality 
- Add PYTHON wrapper with SWIG (needs -fPIC option)
- Add PYTHON example
- Add Matrix/Vector product (MURGE_GetGlobalProduct and MURGE_GetLocalProduct) in MURGE interface
- Add MURGE_ForceNoFacto function to avoid factorization step even if matrix values have changed
- Update MURGE example
- Avoid multiple redistributions of RHS
- Add internal function to convert CSC into IJV
- Add IPARM_DOF_COST to change DOF for cost computation in analyze step
- Add flag DYNSCHED to enable new optimizations for dynamic scheduling
- Update new HWLOC interface
- Update documentation
- New strategies for ESP optimization
- Remove option -DFLUIDBOX 
- Fix stack problem with diagonal matrix
- Fix return of distributed solution
- Fix memory limit computation with OOC
- Fix deadlocks with OOC
- Fix VALGRIND errors
- Fix Fortran interface for checkMatrix
- Fix default configuration files for AIX and SUN architectures
- Some bug fixes ...