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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: PaStiX 5.1.2 (sleeper)

Release Notes
Revision 2200 : minor bug correction
(bad integer 32b/64b type in broadcast used for Fortran examples)
Change Log
- Compliant with MURGE interface (common with HIPS solver)
- Allow Multiple Degree-of-Freedom
- Allow Multiple Right-Hand-Side (during solve step without refinement)
- Main functionalities of PaStiX direct solver are now available in PETSc 3.0
- Remove the Scotch dependency
- Allow to switch ordering methods at runtime (IPARM_ORDERING)
- Improve communication progress for some MPI implementations
- Fix memory leak when refinement step is not called
- Add inertia in return parameters (IPARM_INERTIA)
- Add new option (IPARM_ESP) to enable dynamic 2D distribution inside SMP node (with threaded implementation)
- Add new option (compile with -DPASTIX_ESC) to improve block computations
- Add compatibility for integer size INTSIZE32 and INTSIZE64
- Some bug fixes ...