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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: PaStiX 5.1.1 (revolution)

Release Notes
Needs Scotch version >= 5.1.1.
Change Log
Add parallel call to PT-Scotch (distributed matrix).
Add OOC support for multithreaded mode.
Add small examples in C and Fortran (examples/src directory).
Add Laplacian function for examples.
Add pastix.h and pastix_fortran.h files with pastix_int_t and pastix_float_t types.
Add FORCE_INT32 and FORCE_INT64 compilation flags (corresponding to INTSIZE32 and INTSIZE64 for Scotch).
Add pastix_checkMatrix function in the user API.
Add pastix_setBind function and IPARM_BIND option to define the way to bind threads.
Add pastix-conf script to get options used to compile.
Add api.h file and print_debug function (MODS defined in errors.h file).
Add new matrix driver for F. Dupros.
Add trace support with various formats.
Add IPARM_FREE_CSCUSER and IPARM_FREE_CSCPASTIX options to free internal and user CSC as soon as possible.
Add IPARM_ESP to allow 2D distribution with dynamic ordering.
Add the possibility to apply only refinements.
Add blocked implementation for sequential LU and LDLt factorizations.
Add dynamic allocation for Krylov space.
Add dynamic ordering and workstealing algorithm.
Add FUNNELED mode for the solve step.
Add dynamic ordering for the solve step.
Use non-blocking communications with the FUNNELED mode and communication reordering.
Normalize bind method for MARCEL threads and use virtual thread number.
Fixed symmetric graph bug.
Fixed PGI compilation errors.
Fixed myversion.sh bug.
Fixed deadlock with THREAD_COMM.
Clean warnings, outputs and remove unused files.
Update documentation (NaturalDoc) and refcard.
New configuration files for LINUX-GNU and LINUX-INTEL, update others.
Rename API_TASK.