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Project Filelist for StarPU

File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: starpu-1.2.0rc6

Release Notes
StarPU 1.2.0rc6 (svn revision 18480)

New features:
  * Add STARPU_MALLOC_SIMULATION_FOLDED flag to save memory when simulating.
  * Include application threads in the trace.
  * Add starpu_task_get_task_scheduled_succs to get successors of a task.
  * Add graph inspection facility for schedulers.
  * New STARPU_LOCALITY flag to mark data which should be taken into account
    by schedulers for improving locality.
  * Experimental support for data locality in ws and lws.
  * Add a preliminary framework for native Fortran support for StarPU

Small features:
  * New function
    void starpu_opencl_load_program_source_malloc(const char *source_file_name, char **located_file_name, char **located_dir_name, char **opencl_program_source)
    which allocates the pointers located_file_name, located_dir_name
    and opencl_program_source.
  * Add submit_hook and do_schedule scheduler methods.
  * Add starpu_sleep.
  * Add starpu_task_list_ismember.
  * Add _starpu_fifo_pop_this_task.
  * Add STARPU_MAX_MEMORY_USE environment variable.
  * Add starpu_worker_get_id_check().
  * New function starpu_mpi_wait_for_all(MPI_Comm comm) that allows to
    wait until all StarPU tasks and communications for the given
    communicator are completed.
  * New function starpu_codelet_unpack_args_and_copyleft() which
    allows to copy in a new buffer values which have not been unpacked by
    the current call
  * Add STARPU_CL_ARGS flag to starpu_task_insert() and
    starpu_mpi_task_insert() functions call