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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: starpu-1.1.4

Release Notes
StarPU 1.1.4 (svn revision 14854)
The scheduling context release

New features:
  * Fix and actually enable the cache allocation.
  * Enable allocation cache in main RAM when STARPU_LIMIT_CPU_MEM is set by
    the user.
  * New MPI functions starpu_mpi_issend and starpu_mpi_issend_detached
    to send data using a synchronous and non-blocking mode (internally
    uses MPI_Issend)
  * New data access mode flag STARPU_SSEND to be set when calling
    starpu_mpi_insert_task to specify the data has to be sent using a
    synchronous and non-blocking mode
  * New environment variable STARPU_PERF_MODEL_DIR which can be set to
    specify a directory where to store performance model files in.
    When unset, the files are stored in $STARPU_HOME/.starpu/sampling
  * MPI:
      - New function starpu_mpi_data_register_comm to register a data
        with another communicator than MPI_COMM_WORLD
      - New functions starpu_mpi_data_set_rank() and starpu_mpi_data_set_tag()
        which call starpu_mpi_data_register_comm()

Small features:
  * Add starpu_memory_wait_available() to wait for a given size to become
    available on a given node.
  * New environment variable STARPU_RAND_SEED to set the seed used for random
  * New function starpu_mpi_cache_set() to enable or disable the
    communication cache at runtime
  * Add starpu_paje_sort which sorts Pajé traces.

  * Fix complexity of implicit task/data dependency, from quadratic to linear.