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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: starpu-1.1.1

Release Notes
StarPU 1.1.1 (svn revision 12638)
The scheduling context release

New features:
  * MPI:
        - New variable STARPU_MPI_CACHE_STATS to print statistics on
          cache holding received data.
        - New function starpu_mpi_data_register() which sets the rank
          and tag of a data, and also allows to automatically clear
          the MPI communication cache when unregistering the data. It
          should be called instead of both calling
          starpu_data_set_tag() and starpu_data_set_rank()
  * Use streams for all CUDA transfers, even initiated by CPUs.
  * Add paje traces statistics tools.
  * Use streams for GPUA->GPUB and GPUB->GPUA transfers.

Small features:
  * New STARPU_EXECUTE_ON_WORKER flag to specify the worker on which
    to execute the task.
  * New STARPU_DISABLE_PINNING environment variable to disable host memory
  * New STARPU_DISABLE_KERNELS environment variable to disable actual kernel
  * New starpu_memory_get_total function to get the size of a memory node.
  * New starpu_parallel_task_barrier_init_n function to let a scheduler decide
    a set of workers without going through combined workers.

  * Fix simgrid execution.
  * Rename starpu_get_nready_tasks_of_sched_ctx to starpu_sched_ctx_get_nready_tasks
  * Rename starpu_get_nready_flops_of_sched_ctx to starpu_sched_ctx_get_nready_flops
  * New functions starpu_pause() and starpu_resume()
  * New codelet specific_nodes field to specify explicit target nodes for data.
  * StarPU-MPI: Fix overzealous allocation of memory.
  * Interfaces: Allow interface implementation to change pointers at will, in
    unpack notably.

Small changes:
  * Use big fat abortions when one tries to make a task or callback
    sleep, instead of just returning EDEADLCK which few people will test
  * By default, StarPU FFT examples are not compiled and checked, the
    configure option --enable-starpufft-examples needs to be specified
    to change this behaviour.