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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: starpu-1.1.0rc4

Release Notes
StarPU 1.1.0rc4 (svn revision 11942)
The scheduling context release

New features:
  * Document how to migrate data over MPI.
  * Documentation improvment
  * Several bug fixes for the hypervisor and the scheduling contexts
  * The function starpu_sched_ctx_create() now takes a variable
    argument list to define the scheduler to be used, and the minimum
    and maximum priority values. The scheduler to be used can either
    be defined by its name or by a pointer to an existing scheduler
  * The functions starpu_sched_set/get_min/max_priority set/get the
    priorities of the current scheduling context, i.e the one which
    was set by a call to starpu_sched_ctx_set_context() or the initial
    context if the function has not been called yet.
  * When initialising a task, its scheduling context is no longer set,
    on submission, it is set to the initial context for internal
    tasks, and to the current context for the other tasks.
  * New function starpu_wakeup_worker() to be used by schedulers to
    wake up a single worker (instead of all workers) when submitting a
    single task.
  * New function starpu_sched_ctx_register_close_callback() to specify
    a callback which will be called when the last task of the context
    will finish its execution.