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Project Filelist for StarPU

File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: starpu-1.1.0rc3

Release Notes
StarPU 1.1.0rc3 (svn revision 11621)
The scheduling context release

New features:
  * Performance models files are now stored in a directory whose name
    include the version of the performance model format. The version
    number is also written in the file itself.
    When updating the format, the internal variable
    _STARPU_PERFMODEL_VERSION should be updated. It is then possible
    to switch easily between differents versions of StarPU having
    different performance model formats.
  * Tasks can now define a optional prologue callback which is executed
    on the host when the task becomes ready for execution, before getting
  * Small CUDA allocations (<= 4MiB) are now batched to avoid the huge
    cudaMalloc overhead.
  * Prefetching is now done for all schedulers when it can be done whatever
    the scheduling decision.
  * Add a watchdog which permits to easily trigger a crash when StarPU gets

Small features:
  * New function starpu_perfmodel_directory() to print directory
    storing performance models. Available through the new option -d of
    the tool starpu_perfmodel_display
  * New batch files to execute StarPU applications under Microsoft
    Visual Studio (They are installed in path_to_starpu/bin/mvsc)/
  * Add cl_arg_free, callback_arg_free, prologue_callback_arg_free fields to
    enable automatic free(cl_arg); free(callback_arg);
    free(prologue_callback_arg) on task destroy.
  * New function starpu_task_build

  * Modification of perfmodels output format for future improvements.
  * Fix for properly dealing with NAN on windows systems