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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: starpu-1.1.0rc2

Release Notes
StarPU 1.1.0rc2 (svn revision 10575)
The scheduling context release

  * StarPU-MPI: Fix potential bug for user-defined datatypes. As MPI
    can reorder messages, we need to make sure the sending of the size
    of the data has been completed.
  * Documentation is now generated through doxygen.

Small Changes:
  * Explicitly name the non-sleeping-non-running time "Overhead", and use
    another color in vite traces.
  * Use C99 variadic macro support, not GNU.
  * Fix performance regression: dmda queues were inadvertently made
    LIFOs in r9611.
  * Invert GPU-GPU direct transfer control environment variable name,
    i.e environment variable STARPU_ENABLE_CUDA_GPU_GPU_DIRECT should
    be used instead of STARPU_DISABLE_CUDA_GPU_GPU_DIRECT.