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Project Filelist for StarPU

File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 0.9

Release Notes
StarPU 0.9 (svn revision 3721)
The extensions release
Change Log
  * Provide the STARPU_REDUX data access mode
  * Externalize the scheduler API.
  * Add theoretical bound computation
  * Add the void interface
  * Add power consumption optimization
  * Add parallel task support
  * Add starpu_mpi_insert_task
  * Add profiling information interface.
  * Add STARPU_LIMIT_GPU_MEM environment variable.
  * OpenCL fixes
  * MPI fixes
  * Improve optimization documentation
  * Upgrade to hwloc 1.1 interface
  * Add fortran example
  * Add mandelbrot OpenCL example
  * Add cg example
  * Add stencil MPI example
  * Initial support for CUDA4