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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 0.2.901 aka 0.3-rc1

Release Notes
StarPU 0.2.901 aka 0.3-rc1 (svn revision 1236)
The asynchronous heterogeneous multi-accelerator release
Change Log
  * Many API changes and code cleanups
    - Implement starpu_get_worker_id
    - Implement starpu_get_worker_name
    - Implement starpu_get_worker_type
    - Implement starpu_get_worker_count
    - Implement starpu_display_codelet_stats
    - Implement starpu_prefetch_data_on_node
    - Expose the starpu_data_set_wb_mask function
  * Support nvidia (heterogeneous) multi-GPU
  * Add the data request mechanism
    - All data transfers use data requests now
    - Implement asynchronous data transfers
    - Implement prefetch mechanism
    - Chain data requests to support GPU->RAM->GPU transfers 
  * Make it possible to bypass the scheduler and to assign a task to a specific
  * Support restartable tasks to reinstanciate dependencies task graphs
  * Improve performance prediction
    - Model data transfer overhead
    - One model is created for each accelerator
  * Support for CUDA's driver API is deprecated
  * The WORKERS_GPUID and WORKERS_CPUID env. variables make it possible to
    specify where to bind the workers
  * Use the hwloc library to detect the actual number of cores