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Project Filelist for StarPU

File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: starpu-1.2.4

Release Notes
StarPU 1.2.4 (git revision 255cf98175ef462749780f30bfed21452b74b594)

Small features:
   * Catch of signals SIGINT and SIGSEGV to dump fxt trace files.
   * New configure option --disable-icc to disable the compilation of
     specific ICC examples
   * Add starpu_codelet_pack_arg_init, starpu_codelet_pack_arg,
     starpu_codelet_pack_arg_fini for more fine-grain packing capabilities.
   * Add starpu_task_insert_data_make_room,
   * Do not show internal tasks in fxt dag by default. Allow to hide
     acquisitions too.
   * Add a way to choose the dag.dot colors.