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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: starpu-1.2.3

Release Notes
StarPU 1.2.3 (svn revision 22444)

New features:
  * Add per-node MPI data.

Small features:
  * When debug is enabled, starpu data accessors first check the
    validity of the data interface type
  * Print disk bus performances when STARPU_BUS_STATS is set
  * Add starpu_vector_filter_list_long filter.
  * Data interfaces now define a name through the struct starpu_data_interface_ops
  * StarPU-MPI :
    - allow predefined data interface not to define a mpi datatype and
      to be exchanged through pack/unpack operations
    - New function starpu_mpi_comm_get_attr() which allows to return
      the value of the attribute STARPU_MPI_TAG_UB, i.e the upper
      bound for tag value.
    - New configure option enable-mpi-verbose to manage the display of
      extra MPI debug messages.
  * Add STARPU_WATCHDOG_DELAY environment variable.
  * Add a 'waiting' worker status
  * Allow new value 'extra' for configure option --enable-verbose

Small changes:
  * Add data_unregister event in traces
  * StarPU-MPI
    - push detached requests at the back of the testing list, so they
      are tested last since they will most probably finish latest
  * Automatically initialize handles on data acquisition when
    reduction methods are provided, and make sure a handle is
    initialized before trying to read it.