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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: starpu-1.2.2

Release Notes
StarPU 1.2.2 (svn revision 21308)

New features:
  * Add starpu_data_acquire_try and starpu_data_acquire_on_node_try.
  * Add NVCC_CC environment variable.
  * Add -no-flops and -no-events options to starpu_fxt_tool to make
    traces lighter
  * Add starpu_cusparse_init/shutdown/get_local_handle for proper CUDA
    overlapping with cusparse.
  * Allow precise debugging by setting STARPU_TASK_BREAK_ON_PUSH,
    STARPU_TASK_BREAK_ON_EXEC environment variables, with the job_id
    of a task. StarPU will raise SIGTRAP when the task is being
    scheduled, pushed, or popped by the scheduler.

Small features:
  * New function starpu_worker_get_job_id(struct starpu_task *task)
    which returns the job identifier for a given task
  * Show package/numa topology in starpu_machine_display
  * MPI: Add mpi communications in dag.dot
  * Add STARPU_PERF_MODEL_HOMOGENEOUS_CPU environment variable to
    allow having one perfmodel per CPU core

Small changes:
  * Output generated through STARPU_MPI_COMM has been modified to
    allow easier automated checking
  * MPI: Fix reactivity of the beginning of the application, when a
    lot of ready requests have to be processed at the same time, we
    want to poll the pending requests from time to time.
  * MPI: Fix gantt chart for starpu_mpi_irecv: it should use the
    termination time of the request, not the submission time.
  * MPI: Modify output generated through STARPU_MPI_COMM to allow
    easier automated checking
  * MPI: enable more tests in simgrid mode
  * Use assumed-size instead of assumed-shape arrays for native
    fortran API, for better backward compatibility.
  * Fix odd ordering of CPU workers on CPUs due to GPUs stealing some