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Project Filelist for StarPU

File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: starpu-1.2.1

Change Log
StarPU 1.2.1 (svn revision 20299)

New features:
  * Add starpu_fxt_trace_user_event_string.
  * Add starpu_tasks_rec_complete tool to add estimation times in tasks.rec
  * Add STARPU_FXT_TRACE environment variable.
  * Add starpu_data_set_user_data and starpu_data_get_user_data.
  * Add STARPU_MPI_FAKE_SIZE and STARPU_MPI_FAKE_RANK to allow simulating
    execution of just one MPI node.
    models between devices, making calibration much faster.
  * Add modular-heft-prio scheduler.
  * Add starpu_cublas_get_local_handle helper.
  * Add starpu_data_set_name, starpu_data_set_coordinates_array, and
    starpu_data_set_coordinates to describe data, and starpu_iteration_push and
    starpu_iteration_pop to describe tasks, for better offline traces analysis.
  * New function starpu_bus_print_filenames() to display filenames
    storing bandwidth/affinity/latency information, available through
    tools/starpu_machine_display -i
  * Add support for Ayudame version 2.x debugging library.
  * Add starpu_sched_ctx_get_workers_list_raw, much less costly than
  * Add starpu_task_get_name and use it to warn about dmda etc. using
    a dumb policy when calibration is not finished
  * MPI: Add functions to test for cached values

  * Fix performance regression of lws for small tasks.
  * Improve native Fortran support for StarPU

Small changes:
  * Fix type of data home node to allow users to pass -1 to define
    temporary data
  * Fix compatibility with simgrid 3.14