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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: Version 1.0

Release Notes
This toolbox has been written by  
Alexandre Munnier  (http://www.iecn.u-nancy.fr/~munnier/)
Bruno Pincon (http://www.iecn.u-nancy.fr/~pincon/)

Institut Elie Cartan, Nancy University-France (http://www.iecn.u-nancy.fr/)
INRIA Lorraine, CORIDA team

To install the toolbox and its documentation:

1/ Unzip or untar the archive in the directory you wish:
     In case of the bht.tgz archive you can enter in 
     a terminal command:
             tar -zxvf bht.tgz

   A directory bht is then created.

2/ Start Matlab and select (on the Desktop):

     Start -> Desktop Tools -> Path

   and add the path to the directory bht/MFiles. Choose 'Save'. 

  Note: you can as well enter the command line:

            >> addpath path_to_bht_MFiles_directory
            where 'path_to_bht_MFiles_directory' stands for the relative path 
            to the directory bht/MFiles. However, you will have to do it for every 
            new  Matlab cession. 
3/ Next, select:

     Start -> Desktop Tools -> View Source Files -> Refresh Start Button