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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 7.0

Release Notes

Changes between GMP-ECM 6.4.4 and GMP-ECM 7.0: * GMP-ECM is now thread-safe. In particular the "ecmfactor" binary can be called with say -t 17 to use 17 threads. * Added GPU code for Step 1 (command-line option -gpu). * Command-line option -param allows to choose the parametrization (valid values are 0, 1, 2, 3). Command-line option -sigma allows to choose the parameter. "-sigma i:s" is a shortcut to "-param i -sigma s". Use -param 0 to get historical Suyama parametrization. * The batch mode is now chosen with -param command-line option. The default parametrization depends on other command-line options. * For P-1 stage 2, by default the NTT code is always used. * Speedup in stage 2 with -no-ntt * New primality proving code with APRCL (contributed by David Cleaver) with --enable-aprcl (default=yes) * Removed some options that were unused or not tested (-n, -nn, -ve, -cofdec, -B2scale). * The configure --enable-shellcmd option was removed, and also the --enable-memory-debug configure option (now obsolete with valgrind). * The -b options was removed (breadth-first mode) * Improved source coverage (92.7% of source code lines)

Change Log

see ChangeLog file included in the release