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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: ecm-6.4

Release Notes
Changes between ecm-6.3 and ecm-6.4:
* Fixed configure problem with SSE2
* Fixed configure bug on 32-bit PowerPC (tried to use 64-bit assembly)
* Fixed dependencies from build directory
* Patch from David Cleaver to allow B1 >= 2^32 on machines where
  "unsigned long" has 32 bits only
* Patch from David Cleaver to use GWNUM 26.6 on Windows x64 with MingW64/Msys
* Improved conversion from mpz_t to residue number system in NTT code
* Better asm code for AMD cpus
* Use of GMP's mpn_mullo_n and mpn_redc_2 when available
* New option -batch with faster Stage 1 (but smaller success probability)
* Added Visual Studio 2010 build
Change Log
See ChangeLog file