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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: ecm-6.0.1

Release Notes

This is a minor release containing mostly bugfixes.

Change Log

Changes between ecm-6.0 and ecm-6.0.1 * now checks for availability of snprintf() during configure * fixed linking problems with tune and tune2 on PowerPC G5 * fixed segfault in rho.c * fixed main()'s B2 value being overwritten by callees * allow both \r and \n for newline (for Apple computers) * made files compile under Visual C * fixed bug in listz.c that could leave undefined data * fixed the -B2scale option * fixed small error in printed B2' value (with -v) * added Windows section to INSTALL * small corrections to ecm.xml and ecm.1 * added curve counter in loop mode again * fixed segfault when a non-number was in place of B2 on command line * worked around problem with MinGW/Wine scanf() (value 1 too high for %n) * free rhotable memory at end of stage 2 * replaced GSL's dilog_series() in rho.c due to licensing (GPL vs. LGPL)