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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 11.06

Change Log
* #12654 buggy item after undo

* #10960 Largely improved locus sampler: faster and more
 accurate. Not yet perfect when tiny sampling step is 
needed. Nevertheless good comprimise with speed.  

* #12304 Working start script for Linux 64bits architecture
* #10959 "multiple creation" mode need to apply to eraser 
as well
* #12419 Number uncorrectly rounded. Now the behavior is: 
1) float are printed rounded to 2 decimals 2)Fraction are 
still presented	as Fraction
* #12091 Locus label postion does not udpate

* Associate an icon to the drgeo.sh start script for linux.
* In the DrGeo world menu, a menu entry to open an 
arbitrary file (text, picture, script)
* #10954 Need of information bar in the bottom of DrGeo
* #10899 Toggle Construct and Move mode
* Implement unicity on Polygon defined by n points
* Smalltalk written sketch, when possible the user can 
enter direct point coordinates, value or vector 
coordinates, DrGeo will turn these as math item in the 
canvas, for example you can define a segment with canvas 
segment: 0@0 to: 1@1 or 
canvas segment: (canvas point: 0@0 to: (canvas point: 1@1).
 In the first case the point are instantiated but hidden. 
See the updated documentation for more examples.

New features documented in the user guide:

* DrGWrappedPoint>>coordinates

* DrGeoCanvas>>segment:to accept point as well (Wrapped 
point are created on the fly), it covers all curves 
instantiation, and place where vectors and values arguments 
are used.

* DrGeoCanvas>>update to update the canvas after a set of 
items was modified
* DrGWrappedItem>>moveTo: move the item to a given point 
position whenever it is meaningful