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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 10.12

Release Notes
Bugs fix

    * #10951: "undo" should restore the object's name. 
Create a point, rename it, erase it, and undo. The point is 
restored but its name is no longer displayed. DrGeo seems 
to remember the name but it forgets to redisplay it. It is 
now fixed.
    * #11146: Invisible items in the style menu. With the 
Sugar Theme, some items of the style menu are invisible: 
line size and line style are by default black with a black 
background. Solution: force to a white background in the menu.
    * #11285: Remove duplicated methods basicType and 
nodeName. basicType and nodeName methods from the MathItem 
class should be merged. It is a duplication for historical 
reason related to the xml save format. These attributes are 
identical except for: arc - arcCircle; ray - halfLine; 
value - numeric. nodeName should be removed. It makes some 
code (macro loading from a xml description) unnecessary complicated.
    * #10882: Extent file format. Extent the current file 
format to support: DrGeo Smalltalk scripting; DrGeo macro 
and extended style. Now Macro and script can be saved/load; 
moreover the XML format is extended to support label and 
vector positioning and extended style.
    * #10957: Creating a circle from segment and point. 
When creating a circle by selecting a segment first, there 
is a an error. I decided to remove this mechanism to create 
circle. I have hiatus because when creating circle, I am 
using the FlyPointXXXBuilder to create on the fly point and 
to get a live moving circle (we do not have this feature in DrGeo 1.1).
    * #10941: The macro and script dialogs now stay on the foreground
    * #10952: Wrong message in script dialog 

New features

    * #10881: Preview in the file widget. With the file 
dialog, we should have a preview of the user selected DrGeo file.
    * #10880: Icon to quit DrGeo. Currently, to quit the 
application, the user must access to the world Pharo menu 
then select quit without saving. We should have on a the 
task bar a button to quit directly DrGeo. I implemented a 
DrGreo world menu with the even more options: new figure; 
open a DrGeo file; quit the DrGeo environment. It can be 
extended in the future with more menu entries.
    * #11366: Creating a math item already existing but 
hidden. When the user defines an item already existing but 
hidden, DrGeo factory prevents a duplicated definition, so 
the user will fell DrGeo refuses to create the wished item. 
However the user does not have a chance to realize his item 
is not created because it is already defined but hidden. In 
this case, DrGeo should just unhidden the existing item, so 
the user got the expected feedback.