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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: PSM-1.0-rc18

Release Notes
OpenNL is now part of Geogram. The present release is a standalone .h/.c pair (plus an example file) extracted from Geogram using the PSM script (Plugable Software Modules).  
Change Log
* OpenNL is now part of Geogram and extracted from it as a PSM (Plugable Software Module)
* up to 5x performance gain as compared to previous version
* new internal CRS data structure for sparse matrices (makes sparse-matrix-vector significantly faster)
* OpenMP parallelization (the gain is not as expected, parallel SpMV is a difficult problem, but the performance gain is better than nothing...)
* SuperLU weak coupling interface (dynamically loads libSuperLU.so). Use -DGEO_DYNAMIC_LIBS to activate (see example program)