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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 2.15

Change Log
  * Renamed SG_charHash to TBX_charHash and SG_checkHashTable
  * Moved SG_traceHash, SG_taskHash and SG_resourceHash from tbx to sg.
  * Added some functions to the toolbox:
    and some others
          MSG_task_Iprobe (that test whether there is a pending communication 
                           on a channel)
          MSG_getClock (MSG users should not access SG functions)
  * Changed the prototype m_process_code_t from void (*)(void) to 
    int (*)(int argc, char *argv[]). MSG_get_arguments is now deprecated...
  * Removed some memory leak. I think MSG is now mem leak free. At least
    all examples (except the one using gridml) have been
    valgrind-validated. It works perfectly with the pthread backend but
    there is still a bug with the context backend: there is a failure when
    running the simulation two times in a row, some process are not
    launched and I still can't see why.
  * Added some functions to handle graph structures. They're here for my own purposes. 
    Use it at you own risk (i.e. don't use it).
  * Added an infinitely_fast_link for internal communications (i.e. a loopback device).
  * Changed the platform example in examples/msg/WAN_3.platform.txt.
    Latencies were... stupid (20 seconds...). Now, all the values for bw and
    lat come from real link observed with pchar.
  * Fixed (I hope) the broken documentation (due to Doxygen).