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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 3.9

Release Notes
The "Grasgory" release. Major changes:

 * Gras was completely removed from this version.
 * Documentation reorganization to ease browsing it.
 * New default value for the TCP_gamma parameter: 4MiB
Change Log
 The Grasgory release: GRAS is really dead now.

 * Complete overhaul of the internal host structures scheme.

 * If you use GRAS, you should stay at SimGrid 3.5 (at most) since it
   was considered as experimental and badly maintained since then.
 * Keeping it was thus a trap to our potential users, that could take
   it instead of MSG or SMPI by mistake despite is pity state.
 * GRAS seems to have very few users (if any), and no one volunteered
   to maintain it further. It also induces a lot of XBT code (for
   portability sake), that must be maintained too.
 * For all these reasons, we killed GRAS. If someone wants to revive it
   in the future, don't cry, our git history still remembers of GRAS.

 * Major overhaul. Merge our documentation again as time proved that
   splitting it was really not helping our users.
 * Further improve the developer documentation to help newcomers
   hacking on SimGrid itself. The user documentation (and in
   particular, the beginner documentation) is still in a sorry state.

 * Now works on Windows too!
 * Much more extensive test suite, from MPICH

 * Add a new loader (SD_PTG_dotload) that creates a parallel task graph
  (i.e., a DAG whose nodes are parallel tasks) from a dot file. Creates a
 * Bug fix: let task be scheduled when the last dependency to be solved is
   a control dependency.
 * Remove SD_load_environment_script function.
   Use the C sg_platf function if you want to declare a platform

 * New function: MSG_process_get_number()
 * Old function documented: MSG_config()
 * Remove MSG_load_platform_script function
   Use the C sg_platf function if you want to declare a platform

 * Change the default value of the TCP_gamma constant (maximal size of TCP
   congestion window) to a more realistic 4MiB value. If you notice changes in
   your simulation results, you can fall back to the previous 20k tiny window
   by adding --cfg=network/TCP_gamma:20000 on command line.
 * (Hopefully) fix a bug wrt periodic availability and state traces
 * Bug fix: use default values at start when first event in availability/state
   trace is not at time 0.

 * remove the "new_" part of function name sg_platf_new_trace_connect
   (resulting in sg_platf_trace_connect), since it does not create
   anything new

 * Kill synchronized dynars, and xbt_dynar_dopar(). We cannot think of a
   use case where it's really mandatory, and maintaining it was a pain in
   our code base.
 * New: xbt_fifo_search(), search an item with a user-provided
   comparison function instead of dumb pointer comparison.

 * Fix the lua deployment:
   Use `simgrid.init_application()` before deployment instead of
   `simgrid.msg_register_application()` after.

 * Transfer the tracing files into the corresponding modules.