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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 3.00

Release Notes
First stable version of SimGrid 3. Main changes with SimGrid 2 are:  

  * the replacement of SG with SURF, which is not to be used by end-users 
    and is much more efficient than SG. All input files are now written in 
    XML to ease the evolution of the different SimGrid modules.
  * many small enhancements of MSG.
  * GRAS: a programming environment to develop real distributed application
    for large-scale heterogeneous platforms. The main strength of GRAS is 
    to enable the same application to run as well in real life as on top of
    a simulator (through the use of dynamic and automatic benchmarking).
Change Log
  * New! Give the possibility to hijack the surf parser and thus bypass 
    MSG_create_environment and MSG_launch_application. Have a look at
    examples/msg/msg_test_surfxml_bypassed.c to see how it can be done.