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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 3.7.1

Release Notes
The "cleaning the cleanup" release. Major changes:

 * Portability fixups for Mac OSX and Windows
 * Some other bug fixing and various polishing.
Change Log
 * Restore the prototype of MSG_process_create_with_environment() to
   the pre-3.7 situation by removing the kill_time argument.
 * Add a MSG_process_set_kill_time() function instead.

 * Fix weird behaviors when dealing with parallel tasks.

 * Simgrid is now built as a dll.
 * Simgrid-java now works on Windows.
 * Simgrid-Java is now included into Windows package.

 * First pre-build package for MacOSX.

 Build System:
 * Fix compilation when using MSG_USE_DEPRECATED.
 * Fix some compilation issues on Macs and Windows.
 * Reduce the number of failing tests on exotic systems, like Debian/Hurd.
 * Environment variables CFLAGS and LDFLAGS are now honored by cmake.

 We discovered that the Lua console is broken, but we are missing the
 manpower to fix it right now. The problem existed in 3.7 too, so we
 are not blocking the release for that. Sorry if you depended on this
 feature, any help would be really welcome.