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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 2.96

Release Notes
Simgrid 3 release critical 2
Change Log
   * New! Exception handling with setjmp or such (code from OSSP ex) [MQ]
     This deprecates the xbt_error_t mecanisms.
     It modifies (simplifies) all XBT and GRAS API.
     MSG API keeps unchanged (exceptions raised by XBT are catched from
      within MSG and masked with existing error handling facilities)
   * New! Add a FATPIPE model. [AL]
   * New! Add a parallel task model. [AL]
   * New! Add automatically a loopback interface (in the default
     network model) if none was precised.
   * Bugfix: MSG_process_resume now works with the current running process.
   * New! Add MSG_parallel_task_create and MSG_parallel_task_execute. [AL]
   * Modification of MSG_task_get_compute_duration. Once a task has been
     processed, the value returned by this function is now equal to 0. [AL]
   * New! Add double MSG_task_get_remaining_computation(m_task_t task) and
     MSG_error_t MSG_task_cancel(m_task_t task). Add a state
     (MSG_TASK_CANCELLED) to MSG_error_t corresponding to the cancelation
     of a m_task. For now, MSG_task_cancel only works with computation
     tasks. [AL]
   * New! Add double MSG_get_host_speed(m_host_t h) that returns the speed
     of the processor (in Mflop/s) regardless of the current load on the
     machine. [AL]
   * API Change: use proper naming convention for MSG_getClock and
     MSG_process_isSuspended: MSG_get_clock and MSG_process_is_suspended.
   * New! Add void MSG_task_set_priority(m_task_t task, double priority).
     This function changes the priority of a computation task. This priority
     doesn't affect the transfer rate. A priority of 2 will make a task
     receive two times more cpu power than the other ones. This function
     has been added to suit the needs of Nguyen The Loc and hasn't been that
     much tested yet. So if it fails, please report it and send me your code.
   * API Change: removed all functions and types that were marked "deprecated"
     since many months. Renamed MSG_global_init_args to MSG_global_init.