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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 3.6.2

Release Notes
The "Not coding new stuff allows to polish old things" release.

 * Portability to Mac and Windows improved.
 * Possible misconfigurations (contextes, libPCRE) made impossible by 
   removing the option or providing sane default value.
 * Exerimental support to NS3 simulator as a backend.
Change Log
 * New bindings to the NS3 packet level simulator (experimental)
 * Use the raw (efficient) execution contextes instead of the sysv
   (portable) ones when possible.
 * libpcre is now mandatory in any cases since not using it led to
    severe performance loss and possibly other issues
 * Update the XML platforms:
   - G5K: include the lastest machine in Nancy 
   - GridPP and LCG: new platforms
 * Documentation was partially updated, at least (more to come)
 Bug fixes, cosmetics and small improvements
 * Free terminated processes before the end of the simulation to avoid
   exhausting the memory of users having very dynamic amount of
 * Bug fix and cosmetics about canceling non-running tasks
 * Bug fix about the dot loader's issues when using libcgraph

 * Create an installer for windows with nsis (amd64 and win32)
   - Add an hello world project to illustrate simgrid project creation.
   - Embed libpcre into the Simgrid installer to avoid 
     its compilation burden 
 * The raw execution contextes should work on Apple now
 * Port to Windows 64 bits
    - Sysv contextes now have an implementation for this arch
    - GRAS communication features now support this arch
 * Drop support for borland compiler on windows
    - this code was not maintained, and we kinda depend on gcc nowadays
 * Fix portability issues on kfreebsd/gnu: build error about semaphores
 * Fix portability issue on unstable ubuntu: linker became picky on
   argument order