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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 3.4

Release Notes
The "Easter in Cargese" release. Also known as (major changes):
  * the "se habla Java, Ruby 話せます, fala-se Lua (and deaf-friendly)"
    ~> bindings were greatly improved
    ~> new tracing infrastructure for better visualization introduced
  * the "Welcome to configury modernity" release.
    ~> we switched from autotools to cmake, and improved our cdash

Change Log
SimGrid (3.4) stable; urgency=low

 The "Easter in Cargese" release. Also known as (major changes):
  * the "se habla Java, Ruby 話せます, fala-se Lua (and deaf-friendly)"
    ~> bindings were greatly improved
    ~> new tracing infrastructure for better visualization introduced
  * the "Welcome to configury modernity" release.
    ~> we switched from autotools to cmake, and improved our cdash

 A more detailled list of changes follow (full detail in svn log).

 Java Bindings: Various Cleanups
  * (install java-gcj-compat-dev on debian-like to use them)
  * Remove put/get: no need to export deprecated interface in Java
    Use send/receive instead.
  * Cleanup the examples and add a README per directory
  * Remove example autoDestination (that's the only way to go now)
  * Remove example explicitDestination (was a plain copy of basic)  
  * Make JniException a runtime exception, so that there is no need to
    declare the fact that you may encounter such a beast. I guess that
    nobody will ever want to survive such error.
  * Create specific errors for each MSG case of failure:
    host failure, transfer failure, timeout, task cancelled
  * Cleanup the exceptions that may get thrown by each function
  * Other internal cleanups in Java bindings. Performance still bad :/
 Ruby and Lua Bindings: create them
  * (install ruby1.8-dev/liblua5.1-0-dev on debian-like to use them)
  * That's new and great, you should try them out. 
    Same functionalities than Java bindings, only even less polished
  * Kill the useless "rate" argument of SD_task_get_execution_time()
    Everyone used to provide -1 as a value, it was not used, and the
    semantic of a possible use wasn't even clear.
  * SD_SCHED_NO_COST: Constant to use as cost in SD_task_schedule()
    either as comm costs or compute costs to mean that there is no
    such thing for that specific task.
  * Add a SD_task_set_name() function
  * Fix SD_task_unschedule() on typed tasks
  * Fix SD_task_get_execution_time() to return seconds, not flop*sec
  * In DAX loader, accept useless 'level' attributes to <job> since
    LIGO DAGs have them (seem to be to ease graphical representation).
  * Add an example masterslave_mailbox.c using send/receive and not
    the deprecated put/get interface.
  * Kill the MSG_paje_output() function. It's a noop since 2 years.
  * Kill MSG_WARNING and MSG_FATAL return codes: they were not used
    anywere in source.
  * Rename MSG_TIMEOUT_FAILURE into MSG_TIMEOUT for sake of logic
    (declare MSG_USE_DEPRECATED to still have the old name)
  * Add a MSG_task_set_data() function
  * About trace replay (see examples/msg/actions):
    - implement barrier
    - Allow to work with splitted trace files for each process
      Give the specific trace file as argument of each process, 
        and call MSG_action_trace_run(NULL)
      You can still have one merged file for all processes.
    - Fix implementation of collective operations
  * Allow task_execute() on 0-sized tasks (closes #10063)
  * This is the first release of SimGrid where SMPI is not considered
    beta anymore (even if some corners should still be improved)
  * Port over the new SIMIX_network submodule (internal refactoring)
  * Basic support to log events as with SMPE (use --cfg=SMPE:1)
  * Implement more missing elements of the standard:
    - MPI_MAXLOC MPI_MINLOC + all associated datatype MPI_DOUBLE_INT,
      MPI_FLOAT_INT, etc.
    - MPI_Address() MPI_Get_count() MPI_Type_free() MPI_Type_extent()
      MPI_Scan() MPI_Get_processor_name()
    - Added implementation of missing case for Alltoall (warning: it's
      *not* the bruck variant from OpenMPI; based on Alltoallv instead)
    - SMPI_MPI_Gather() SMPI_MPI_Gatherv() SMPI_MPI_Scatterv()
      SMPI_MPI_Reduce_scatter() SMPI_MPI_Allgather()
  * Bug fixes include:
    - MPI_Waitsome() was broken
    - Allow relative includes in smpicc
    - Command line cfg argument 'reference_speed' was ignored...
    - Some functions did not properly lead to auto-benching of user code
    - smpicc passes -O2 by default (just like openmpi one)
  * add SIMIX_action_suspend() and SIMIX_action_resume() functions
  * Bug fixes about timeouts during communications
  * add SIMIX_message_sizes_output() as a pimple to write to file the
    amount of messages per size. Use gnuplot to get histogram. 
    Pimple because that's the only user-visible function of simix,
     defined directly in xbt.h (irk, sorry)
  * About semaphores:
     - Add a SIMIX_sem_get_capacity() function
     - Fix interactions with processe resume/suspende
     - release_forever() was stupidly broken
     - Fix SIMIX_display_process_status() for processes in a semaphore
     - Make SIMIX_sem_block_onto() user-visible
  * Refactoring context stuff:
    - Use pseudo-OOP for better modularity
    - reimplement SIMIX_process_kill() without process_schedule() so
      that the latter can take as invariant that it is called from
    - Merge context_start into context_new for sake of simplicity
  * Add a Vivaldi network model, coded live during SUD'10 ;)
  * Rename configuration variables to start a hierarchy:
    o cpu_model -> cpu/model
    o network_model -> network/model
    o workstation_model -> workstation/model
  * New configuration variables:
    o network/bandwidth_factor: correction to bandwith
    o network/latency_factor: correction to latency
    o netwotk/weight_S: correction to the weight of competing streams
  * Add a long description to the models, that users can see with such
    argument on the command line: --cfg=cpu/model:help
  * --help-models display the long description of all known models
  * config: add the ability to set a default value after registration
    Does not override any previously set value (e.g. from cmd line)
  * dict: allow to have integer key and data.
    When so, you need to use the following functions
     void xbt_dicti_set(xbt_dict_t dict, uintptr_t key, uintptr_t data);
     uintptr_t xbt_dicti_get(xbt_dict_t dict, uintptr_t key);
     void xbt_dicti_remove(xbt_dict_t dict, uintptr_t key);
    In contrary to regular dicts, the key is not malloced before copy.
    Mixing scalar and regular elements in the same dict is not tested 
      (but may work).
  * Allow to use xbt_dynar_shrink() to expend the dynar instead
 Tracing for Visualization:
  * SimGrid is now instrumented in order to generate a trace file for
    visualization analysis: to use it, need to compile SimGrid with the
    "tracing" option enabled, and instrument the program using SimGrid with
    TRACE_start, TRACE_category, TRACE_msg_set_task_category and TRACE_end
    (among other functions).
  * The instrumentation only traces the platform utilization for now
  * Documentation to use the tracing functions and how to analyze the
    traces with the Triva tool is written.
  * More information about: SimGrid FAQ (in the section Tracing Simulations
    for Visualization)
 Build system:
  * We moved to cmake as default build system. Autotools support will
    be dropped soon. Check the FAQ for more info about how to use it.
  * Greatly improved our cdash/ctest interactions
    Check http://cdash.inria.fr/CDash/index.php?project=Simgrid
  * Added memory checking tests with valgrind; lot of memleak fixing.
    This may be the first release of simgrid with so few memory issues
  * Added code coverage tests. 
    Our coverage is still improvable, but at least we see it on cdash.
 -- Da SimGrid team <simgrid-devel@lists.gforge.inria.fr>