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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 2.95

Release Notes
Major improvements on portability, performances, configuration. AMOK is back on track.
Change Log
 SimGrid (2.95) unstable; urgency=low
   * Steal some nice code to GNU pth to fix context detection and usage [AL]
   * Cleanup in the xbt_config API; add configuration callbacks. [MQ]
   * Cleanup in the initialization API: the unused "defaultlog" is dead. [MQ]
   * Bugfix: Allow absolute paths for platform description files [MQ]
   * Bugfix: do free the variables after use. Leads to drastic performance
     improvement [AL]
   * Implement max_duration (ie, timeouts) on resources [AL]
   * Implement MSG_config to configure MSG at runtime. xbt_cfg test on a real
     case ;) [MQ]
   * Implement MSG_channel_select_from() to help GRAS now that SURF provide
     the needed support (timeouts) [AL]
   GRAS (new features)
   * Implement measurement sockets. You can now get the bandwidth between two
     hosts thanks to AMOK (see below). [MQ]
   * gras_datadesc_dynar() builds a dynar type descriptor, allowing to send
     dynar over the network (yeah) [MQ]
   * Real (even if simplistic) implementation of gras_os_myname() on RL [MQ]
   * simple/static token-ring example. [Alexandre Colucci and MQ]
   * Use MSG_channel_select_from() and remove the *slow* hack we had to put
     in place before [MQ]
   GRAS (bug fixes)
   * Differentiate the types "char[22]" and "unsigned char[22]" in automatic
     type parsing. "short" and "long" modifiers were also ignored; other
     modifier (such as reference level) are still ignored. [MQ]
   * Embeed the buffer size within the buffer itself on SG. [MQ]
     That way, send() are atomic and cannot get intermixed anymore (at least
     the ones which are less than 100k; bigger messages still have the issue)
   * Array size pushed by the field, not by the field type (or each
     and every long int will push stuff to the cbps) [MQ]
   * use select() to sleep since it allows to portably sleep less than one
     second. [MQ]
   GRAS (minor cleanups)
   * <project>.Makefile.local (generated from gras_stub_generator) |MQ]:
     - Do clean .o files
     - Compile with -g
   * Type Callbacks now receive the gras_datadesc_type_t they work on as argument.
   * type category 'ignored' killed as it was never used and were difficult
     to transmit.
   * whether a type can cycle or not is now a flag, leaving room for more
     flags (as "ignored", if we feel the need one day ;)
   * Rename raw sockets to measurement sockets since "raw" has another
     meaning in networking community.
   * Advanced Metacomputing Overlay Kit introduction. It is based over GRAS
     and offers features not belonging to GRAS but that most applications
     need. One day, it may be a set of plugins loadable at runtime.
   * New module: bandwidth
     bandwidth measurement between arbitrary nodes running this module. [MQ]