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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 3.3.1

Release Notes
This dot release is mainly a maintainance one. Most important changes:
 * We fixed a large amount of bugs all around
 * We sanitized the way configuration is handled internally.
   Try passing --cfg-help to binaries compiled against this version.
 * SMPI is in better shape: lot of bugs fixing & usability improvements
   It may be worth trying it (even if all bugs are not gone yet)

This version may have a bit more of memleaks than 3.3. This will be
fixed in a latter release.
Change Log
SimGrid (3.3.1) stable; urgency=low

  * Implement a --cfg-help to show existing configuration variables
  * Build chain do not require doxygen in maintainer mode

  * fix a bug on struct sizeof computation, which prevented the
    exchange of arrays of structs in some conditions
    - added a regression test about this in datadesc_usage
  * Allow the exchange of 0-long dynamic vectors.
    - for that, use -1 as indicator of dynamic size instead of 0
    - This implied to change any size from unsigned long to long,
      reducing a bit communication abilities, but I guess that with
      64bits being quite common, this is more than enough.
    - This also induce a protocol change, thus bumping network protocol
      version from 0 to 1 (if we have external users, we have to get
      clean on that point too ;)
    - added two regression tests about this in datadesc_usage
  * Be more verbose when propagating local exceptions
    This helps debugging.
  * Display the status of simulated processes when receiving SIGINT in
    simulation mode

  * Allow to control the simulation from a trace file.
    New functions MSG_action_register() and MSG_action_trace_run()
    The first one allows to associate a function execution to each
     kind of action while the second one parses a trace file and
     triggers the corresponding actions within the system.
    For now, only a toy example is provided in examples/msg/actions
  * Add an exemple of process migration in examples/msg/migration
  * Fix a bug in task exchange which broke MSG_task_get_sender()
    Add a teshsuite regression test for that.
    [Bug: if MSG_task_get_sender() is called after sender exit,
     bad things happen]
  * Fix a bug which prevented suspend/resume to work properly
  * Display the status of simulated processes when receiving SIGINT
    This fixes a regression of v3.3. due to the introduction of SIMIX
  * Bug fixing in failure management:
    - trace could not start by a failure at time 0
    - failure during communications were not working
  * Add SIMIX_process_set_name() to change the name of the current
    process in the log messages.
  * Store smx_hosts in a dict since we only retrieve them by name
  * Move the configuration infrastructure to surf

  * Move the configuration infrastructure to surf

  * Massive internal cleanups:
    - Store internal structures on processes instead of hosts (allows
      to have more than one process per host, in addition of being more 
    - Cleanup the initialization/finalization process
    - Kill a whole bunch of unneeded synchronization: 
      processes run in exclusive manner within the simulator
    - Move queues from global tables to process data fields
  * Improve smpirun:
    - now accept -platform and -hostfile arguments
    - Pass the right rank value to processes according to the hostfile
  * Compile the examples by default, and use them as regression tests
  * Implement MPI_Wtime()
  * Change the reference speed to a command line option
  * TCP_gamma can now be specified as command line option using
  * Change the --surf-path cmd line option into --cfg=path:
  * Also include strbuff from xbt.h public header
  * xbt_ex_display(): do not free the exception after displaying 
    This allows to do more with the given exception afterward.
    Users should call xbt_ex_free() themselves.

 Portability report of this version:
  * Main portability targets:
    - Linux(debian)/x86/context   
    - Linux(debian)/x86/pthreads 
    - Linux(debian)/amd64/context 
    - Linux(debian)/amd64/pthreads
    These targets fail about 1/10 of times on gras/pmm, but we believe
      that this is because of the test, not because of simgrid.
    amok/saturate_sg fails even more rarely, and the test may not be
      the problee.
    - Mac OSX Leopard/x86/context
    The test suite still spits tons of errors because some obscure
      force prevents us from removing the temporary directories
      arguing that they still contain some metadata I've never heard of.
    Smpi fails because seq is not installed.
    Everything seems to work properly beside of that.
  * Exotic platforms:
    - AIX version 5.3 (both contexts and pthread)
      Smpi still fails there because mktemp is not installed. 
      XML inclusions seems rosty on AIX.
  * Windows: it's still lagging behind. If you want to help, please
    stand up.

 -- Da SimGrid team <simgrid-devel@lists.gforge.inria.fr>  Sat, 27 Jun 2009 00:14:30 +0200